Sunday, December 27, 2009


"Each day is different. All the days is gobbed together to make a year, all the years gobbed together to make a life." -Push

Just some worthless stats: Today is the 7887th day of my life. By midnight tonight I will have lived for 681,436,800 seconds. The past 361 days have gobbed together to create 2009. It was an alright one. Year that is.

Things I have done/realizations/life choices/mistakes/firsts in 2009.
.some people never change EVER.
.first legal drink, wasn't my last.
.customer service is not for the weak.
.alcohol and barbituates leads to black out and therefore POOR LIFE CHOICES.
.my sister is the ish.
.3 am. walking down Main St. is not the time and place to discuss a disagreement with a friend.
.4th shrink.
.there is nothing wrong with knowing that you're a hot ass bitch.
.i love my goon squad.
.i ran three miles at once!.
.when it comes to hookups, an extra person means extra drama, extra feelings etc HAHA.
.i can look fashionable sometimes.
.self medicating when something goes wrong will ALWAYS make things worse.
.i love sushi!.
.3rd heartbrake, didn't hurt any less than the first, but i'll be okay.
.the ohio lottery has to make a profit somehow...
.sometimes i just need to CHILL.
.akron is not a bad place to live.
.3.34 G.P.A.!!!!!.

thats about all i have to say about that for now.

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