Sunday, December 27, 2009


"Each day is different. All the days is gobbed together to make a year, all the years gobbed together to make a life." -Push

Just some worthless stats: Today is the 7887th day of my life. By midnight tonight I will have lived for 681,436,800 seconds. The past 361 days have gobbed together to create 2009. It was an alright one. Year that is.

Things I have done/realizations/life choices/mistakes/firsts in 2009.
.some people never change EVER.
.first legal drink, wasn't my last.
.customer service is not for the weak.
.alcohol and barbituates leads to black out and therefore POOR LIFE CHOICES.
.my sister is the ish.
.3 am. walking down Main St. is not the time and place to discuss a disagreement with a friend.
.4th shrink.
.there is nothing wrong with knowing that you're a hot ass bitch.
.i love my goon squad.
.i ran three miles at once!.
.when it comes to hookups, an extra person means extra drama, extra feelings etc HAHA.
.i can look fashionable sometimes.
.self medicating when something goes wrong will ALWAYS make things worse.
.i love sushi!.
.3rd heartbrake, didn't hurt any less than the first, but i'll be okay.
.the ohio lottery has to make a profit somehow...
.sometimes i just need to CHILL.
.akron is not a bad place to live.
.3.34 G.P.A.!!!!!.

thats about all i have to say about that for now.

Monday, December 14, 2009


its hard enough with both feet on the ground
to keep from falling with the earth spinning around
but i once knew a girl who only had one
but it was weak and might as well have been gone

when you live life like a mermaid
waves might crash on your head
once and while
but im never going under
and im never gonna drown

Monday, November 2, 2009

How One Loses a Brain

The girl cannot explain, how it was lost.
Not long ago she found herself in a precarious situation.
Walking in the woods, with her swagger on.
Mmmm nom nom nom, chewing on nothing,
Eyes wide open, pupils the size of pennies,
4:30 am is as good an hour as any,
to dabble in the darkness.

Gallivanting about the worms and wood,
She spoke flawlessly in a foreign tongue
that no human could replicate.
Her ripe peachy skin was now glowing softly,
most lucid at the cranium which was buzzing gently.
Brain ZAPS! Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz.
Each one like E.T.'s long knobby finger probing her eardrums.

A being appeared in the form of an orb,
and the girl now saw her thoughts in the form of a swirling vortex,
The orb stretched out a had like appendage.
and nonchalantly scooped out the brain,
holding it out-stretched in his right palm he looked up and ascended.
The girl doesn't mind that the mind is gone,
Along with it went the clutter.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The weather today is crisp and pleasant,
sunny and warm with no humidity,
and the light is shining through the branches,
making little blinding patterns on walls and stairwells
All you need is a thin jacket and long trousers
And possibly a decorative hat if you wish.

Just yesterday she was stomping around,
swaddled in down feather and wool,
and huffing and puffing, thinking,
I'm so cold, I'm so cold, I'm so cold,
breathing in and out the taste of pine and metal,
to the rhythm of her heavy footsteps on the concrete.

But today her limbs move freely,
and she walks casually,
breathes easily with nothing to think about.

The ice does so well to distract from wicked thoughts,
I'm going nuts, I'm going nuts, I'm going nuts,
And on cold days she is so good,
at keeping these in the no-mans-land of the brain,
and not in the mind.
But today they can seep in.

I'm losing my mind,
And she hopes it is freezing tomorrow.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Proposition

and to think, she used to believe it would get easier,
young to old, chubby to man-eater,
she cannot sense the heat or the cold,
only knows the seasons by peoples' changing faces,
they tend to hibernate when the weather is foul,
and they just seem so...

when they decide to venture out.

she proposed a commune on a glacial island,
and she ended up being the only citizen,
but its not so bad,
she makes the rules, reaps the fruits, knows the truths.
she creates the laws and abides by them too.

what else are you supposed to do?
when no one listens
and God's voice mail is full,
with more important grievances.