Monday, February 8, 2010

write some haikus ya'll!

ok sooo i had to write 10 haikus for poetry class and here's some. but it was pretty fun SO i wanna to hear some more! so write some haikus ya'll!

one two three four five,
she trembles in her plaid dress
black capes with white caps

slippery slimy
there's tadpoles bubbling under
the goey green slime

five in the morning
sipping fizz under a bridge
to cold to function

chocolate wrappers
chick flicks and a tissue box
valentine's day sucks

peas and broiled meat
sunday night television
at my parents' house

splat! puke on asphalt
stomach acid still churning
no more tequila

greased up hardwood floors
it feels like i've never danced
with these two left feet

empty safe for condiments
waiting for the cheque

skin like saran wrap
on brittle bones and organs
feed her some french fries

afraid of the dark
things that go bump in the night
sit up like lightning

these will not be submitted to my teacher:

put the tip in please
i don't have a condom
do it anyways

whats crack-a-lackin?
i'm lookin for some kill to
make my hair stand up.


  1. There is something new
    In the rare, twisted feelings
    Of the forbidden

  2. I think I might kill
    The selfish and crazy bitch
    I can't stop loving